CompTIA A+ Computer Professional Certification Course – LearnKey, 2003


US. Navy

  • TSEC/KG-84 Cryptographic Limited Maintenance, 27Feb92
  • Group Paced Instructor Course, 15Jun90
  • Seal Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Electronic Maintenance and Repair, 30Jun89
  • 2M Miniature Electronic Repair, 28Jun85
  • Leadership, Management Education Training (LMET), 10Feb85
  • AN/UCC-1 Multiplexer Maintenance, 11Dec84
  • AN/VRC-46 VHF Transceiver Maintenance, 23Nov84
  • AN/APX-72 IFF Transponder Maintenance, 09Nov84
  • AN/SYQ-7(V)2 Naval Modular Automated Communication System (NAVMACS) Maintenance, 12Oct84
  • AN/WSC-3 & OE-82 UHF LOS and Satellite Transceiver Maintenance, 13Jul84
  • AN/URT-23 HF Radio Transmitting Set & AN/URA-38 HF Antenna Coupler Group Maintenance, 23Apr82
  • TSEC/KY-65/75 Cryptographic Communication Security Subsystem Limited Maintenance, 12Mar82
  • Electronics Technician “A” School, 09Feb82
  • Basic Electricity and Electronics, 19Feb81

 High School