Concerning a recent hybrid Outlook 2010 Data Recovery and .pst file Repair Job. The customer needed several Autocad drawings that were sent in Outlook attachments. I could not image the drive, but was able to see the directory tree using File Scavenger when the drive was connected via USB, but it appeared that the files could not be saved.  When our main Data Recovery Tech attempted to recover the data, he said the Hard Drive was no longer accessible at all and would need to go to the Clean Room, but the customer’s company was not willing to pay the high fee.

I gave it another try, and as it turns out, the hard drive was accessible again, but the read time was so slow that the drive would eventually heat up and hang up the host computer, which is what I suspect happened with the other tech. The customer was just going to pick up the drive as-is but was leaving the country on assignment for a few weeks and couldn’t pick it up until she returned.

Since there was no rush, and they declined the Clean Room recovery, I placed a powered-up CPU Fan on the drive to deal with the heat and gave it another try. The recovery ran slowly-but-surely for 2 straight weeks to recover a 13gb .pst file. I never saw an error until the end, but at least I had a large .pst file to work with. I then ran the ScanPST tool which took some time, but it was successful. The customer came back and reviewed her data and was content. Everything appeared to be present and intact. We earned a good fee for this data recovery, but it was much less for the customer than it would have been with the Clean Room recovery.

To some, it may not have been worth tying up a computer for 2 weeks to see what would happen. But to this business customer, they were happy, and who knows what their long term worth and referrals will bring in the future.