Remote Support


Provide occasional remote support using TeamViewer and LogMeIn Pro for some of my old business customers in Hawaii for a variety of problems such as Outlook repair, malware removal, managing data backups, network troubleshooting and Microsoft Office repair.

The Computer Hospital

In 2015, I provided occasional remote support using Citrix Fast Support for routine problems such as email, malware removal and in-shop follow-on support for minor issues.


In 2014 I worked for Balance Staffing who contracted with PlumChoice. After 2 weeks of formal online training, I worked full-time from home using Citrix Desktop, SAFElink Enterprise (PIP) and Bomgar Remote software to securely connect with the main office, provide account, ticket, appointment and history entries, as well as remote access for HP SmartFriend and Avast Total Support customers. It was a very high-tempo environment (even from home) where I was simultaneously connected to 3 -4 customer’s computers at a time while on the phone with another. Problems ranged from malware removal, wifi printer support, email problems, Microsoft Office issues, tune-ups and so on.


In 2013, I worked briefly with AgeoTech Solutions in a 1099 subcontractor role for the now defunct company called that provided 3rd Party Technicians to GeekSquad where we interacted directly with customers via chat and over the phone. It started out with several weeks of online self-paced training to learn their methods, procedures and SupportSpace Ticketing Platform and LogeMeIn Rescue software. Sadly, SupportSpace suddenly lost their main contract with GeekSquad. We then worked briefly supporting Staples in a try-out role to get their contract, but SupportSpace folded. But within a couple weeks of starting, my metrics listed me consistently in the top ten of the Remote Techs in my group.

Working with GeekSquad customers is where I learned how to guide inexperienced computer users with the Remote Connection process which can be a major hurdle at times.

Gakidoo’s Computer Repair

Experience providing occasional remote support between 2008 – 2012 using LogMeIn Free to provide remote follow-up support with in-shop customers from my own shop.