Training Others

Navy Training

Completed Group Paced Instructor Training in San Diego, CA in preparation to teach a formal class titled “Seal Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Electronic Maintenance and Repair”.  After successfully teaching several classes and meeting certain criteria, I became Lead Instructor, Curriculum Developer, and was designated as a Master Training Specialist (MTS).

Served as Curriculum Developer for the SDV Electronic Maintenance Repair course which consisted of (44) Lesson topics involving hands-on laboratory, lectures and training aids for the entire electrical power distribution and control system, instrumentation electronics, navigation, sonar and communications equipment for the MK-8 SDV and MK-9 SDV electric mini-submarines, the details of which were classified.

Civilian Training

Training I conducted as a civilian was very informal such as OJT with peers at Pinnacle Systems on the PDS-9000 Digital Video Production Switcher, as well as new and junior employees I have worked with at different companies in the IT Field. I have also been involved with online training in Spyware Prevention and Preventive Computer Maintenance through websites I developed at and